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Huye is a district in South Province, Rwanda. Its capital is Butare, Rwanda's traditional second city. The city itself has also sometimes been known as Huye since 2006, when the district was formed.

The district contains Butare, which was Rwanda's colonial capital and traditional "second city." Butare is home to the National University of Rwanda, the National Museum of Rwanda and the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research attracting many visitors annually.
The district is also home to Mount Huye and the Maraba Coffee fair-trade cooperative.

Huye district is divided into 14 sectors (imirenge): Gishamvu, Karama, Kigoma, Kinazi, Maraba, Mbazi, Mukura, Ngoma, Ruhashya, Huye, Rusatira, Rwaniro, Simbi and Tumba.
It has population of over 290,000 inhabitants with a population density of 500 Hab/Km2. Majority of the population relies on subsistence farming.

The district is well known for its high quality specialty Maraba coffee that has attracted a big market locally and internationally. 

Education is the most vibrant sector in the district. Ninety nursery schools have been set up with a total enrollment of 5654 children. The district has over 60,000 pupils in primary school and over 10,000 students in 24 secondary schools. Parents play an active role in the education of their children through the Parents-Teachers committees. They also contribute towards teacher’s welfare through a district education fund.

The district boasts of one referral hospital; the University teaching of Butare and a number of health centers spread out in the different Sectors.

Residents have been enthusiastic about the health insurance scheme; Mutuelles de sante has received overwhelming reception in the district. The enrollment to the scheme today stands at 82.3 percent.


In addition to special hire taxis, there are also transportation companies that provide buses to serve the 156 km distance between Butare and Capital Kigali the cost is between $ 3-4 USD. The journey from Kigali capital to Butare takes about 2hrs and 30min. The companies include:

Volcano Express
Tel: 08583162 (KIGALI)
08525261 (BUTARE)
Both Butare and Kigali departure every 30 minutes
Operates from the city center in Kigali.


Horizon Express
E-mail: horizon­_EX@yahoo.fr
Tel: 08653424 (KIGALI)
08653484 (BUTARE)

Both Butare and Kigali departure every 30 minutes
Operates from the city center in Kigali

Sotras Express
Tel: 08438400-08874428 (KIGALI)
08620768 or 08536913- (BUTARE)
Both Butare and Kigali departure every 30 minutes
Operates from the city center in Kigali.

N.B: All the transport companies above operate from the Kigali City Center less than 100m from one company office to another. Most of the Kigali hotels and special hire taxis can advise from where these companies operate.

Butare city.

Butare city is the oldest and the second largest city in Rwanda, 156 km from the capital Kigali. Butare city is a historical and tourist destination, this is due to the presence of one of the regions most interesting museums, the National Museum of Rwanda, with pre-colonial, colonial and post colonial Rwandan history.

The National University of Rwanda is just in the outskirts of Butare city, less than 5 minutes drive or 30 walking. The University is covered with the lovely forest (Arboretum) of about 203 tree species covering 225 hectors. Visitors may enjoy an evening walk to the forest canopies along the streets at NUR compound. 

Accommodation in Butare
For those visitors staying in Butare for an extended period residential accommodation can be arranged. Prices for hotels in Butare range from $ 25 to 75 USD per night. 

Hotels in Butare City:

Hotel Ibis
Rooms range from 25-70 USD per night. It is located in Butare city Center, less than 5 minutes drive to the NUR main campus and 20 minutes walk to the campus.
Tel: +250 53 03 35

Hotel Credo
Rooms range from 20 USD -75 USD per night including breakfast. Less than 10 minutes walking to the main Campus and 10 minutes walk to Butare city center.

Tel: 530505

Hotel Le Petit Prince
Rooms range from 20 -75 USD per night including breakfast. It is located in a quite environment 5 minutes drive from Butare city center and about 10 minutes drive to the main campus.
Tel: +250 53 13 07 or +250 08 35 86 81
E-mail: petitprincehotel@yahoo.fr

Transportation in Butare

There is a range of transport options in Butare, including collective taxis, motor cycle taxis, and special hire taxis.

There are many amazing places to visit in Rwanda, the most popular ones being: the Volcanoes National Park in the Northern Province, home for 2/3 of the worlds surviving Mountain Gorillas and, Nyungwe National Park, one of the largest African afro montane forest with 13 different types of primates and more than 250 species of birds, located in about 50 km away from the National University of Rwanda.

Other places to visits include the Akagera National Park in the Eastern Province for a savannah wildlife experience, the Royal Kings Palace and the Rwandan Art Museum in Nyanza, the National Museum in Butare, Lake Kivu on the Western Border, the volcanoes. The people of Rwanda have a wonderful culture and the internationally acclaimed traditional dance by Intore and Amaraba troupes.

Other pastime activities

Shopping: Butare town has quite a number of stores with most home use products and food stuffs.
Eating out: Butare City has quite number of restaurants most serving food until 10pm. Restaurants offer both buffet and a la carte services.


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